Cameron’s first day of the new school year!

Cameron was very confused why I wanted to take pictures of him on his first day of the new school year.  Cameron continues to be with the same teacher and the same classroom that he’s been in for the past year.  When I told him it was his first day of school he told me no it wasn’t.  He reminded me he had one more day off than Ethan did (for a total of 4 days off) but he was going back to Ms. Nilanga’s class! For him, the only thing that’s changed is that Ethan is no longer going to the same place as him.  Someone asked me if Cameron seemed to mind that he had to head into school without Ethan — I don’t think he minds at all!  He was more bummed that his day off was Monday because on Monday’s he gets to be the clean up helper.  I told him he could be the clean up helper everyday at home — he didn’t seem too interested in that!

He did a few silly faces and then busted out a smile for me.

I hope you have a great preschool year, buddy!


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We have a first grader now!

Oh my!  I just looked back to see the last time I put up a post and I’m sad to say this is my first post of 2015 (hanging my head in shame!).  

After a fun and busy summer, Ethan said good-bye to his teachers at Step-by-Step Montessori and hello to a new school and teacher!  It’s hard to believe that’s he’s already in first grade.  He’s was definitely ready and excited to head off to school this morning.  The bus pulled up and away he went without even a good-bye to me, Eugene or Cameron who all showed up to send him off.  I think he was trying to score a seat next to his best buddy before anyone else snagged it. 

By all accounts I think the first day was a good one.  He was sad that I picked him up early from after school care and wished he had longer to play in the gym.  We got a recap of the day before he bounded off to play with the neighborhood kids.  I can tell he’s exhausted after his new adventure today so we’re all relaxing at home tonight.

For all others who had a school start today — I hope the day went well for your family too!


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Mudroom Remodel

The remodel project all started with the desire to get a new washer and dryer….  

I have disliked our washer and dryer from the time we moved into this house 6 years ago.  The cycles always took longer than advertised and with two little boys I spent a lot of time doing laundry.  After a few google searches of the model number I was convinced I wasn’t the only person who disliked this particular model and decided a new washer/dryer were in order.  My plans didn’t end there though and I wondered if it would be possible to have them moved to a different wall.  Fast forward a bit and we now have a whole new mudroom that I absolutely love!  Our contractor did an amazing job and the project came in on schedule and on bid.  We all survived three weeks of not having a washer and dryer and I only had to make 2 trips to the laundry mat.

Here are the before pictures:

Just to the right of the door you see is the entrance from the garage into the house.  The door you see is on a small closet just off the entry into the house.  We never used that closet to store much because we had another larger closet in the room too.  

When the boys were little I would set them on top the washer or dryer.  I’d use one hand to hold them and one hand to put on their shoes. 

This is the larger closet we would use for all of shoes and jackets.  The boys couldn’t reach that high so often times they’d throw their jackets (and boots, snow pants, hat, gloves) on the ground.  There was also linoleum on the floor that had gotten stained over the many years of use.

The after!

As part of the project, we tore down the closet next to the entrance door.  Electrical, gas and water were relocated to the wall with the window.  We also had tile put in and removed the popcorn from the ceiling.  The closet we always use was walled off a bit and a door was put on so that closet is no longer open to sight.  New lights, cupboards, and a washer/dryer were also added.

Happy holidays,



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All Things Halloween

Halloween was quite a big deal at the Burd house this year.  In fact, we dressed up in our costumes three times!  First we dressed up for the party at the boys’ school.  Cameron had a last minute change of heart and took off his Jake the Pirate outfit and changed into the penguin outfit instead.  From the picture below, it looks like that was a good choice — lots of smiles!

The night after the school party, we met two other families at the local community center for a night of fun.  We were able to take a hayride, play some carnival games and see a magician.  The boys had a blast.

Cameron’s preschool class spent a lot of time talking about pumpkin patches.  He asked daily when we would get to go.  Finally the time came when we were ready to go and pick out pumpkins.

Ethan imitating the ghost’s expression….

I’ve included a few action shots of our pumpkin carving adventures this year.  Some of us are not very patient waiting for a grown up to help!

Halloween night in MN was a bit cold but that didn’t slow down the boys.  They met up with a few other children from the neighborhood and had a blast going door to door.  A bit of candy trading and figuring out exactly what was received were fun post-Halloween activities.

I hope you had a happy Halloween too!



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North Shore Trip

It’s crazy how fast this summer flew by!  It’s now Labor Day’s eve and I realize I haven’t done a blog post since June — and that one was Eugene’s graduation pictures.  

I’ll pick up a bit where I left off.  For Memorial Day weekend we took a trip north to Bluefin Bay resort in Tofte, MN.  This is our 2nd annual trip with the kids and we all have a wonderful time up there.  Our days were spent either in the pool or doing some short hikes.  Our unit had a wood burning fireplace so after s’mores roasted in a campfire by the shores of Lake Michigan we would settle in and watch a show or read a book.  

In the first tow pictures the boys were doing crafts.  Each of them were working (and concentrating very hard!) on painting their bird house.  The rest of the pictures were taken while on one of the hikes.

Julie, Eugene, Ethan & Cameron

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